History of Frontier Spirit 1799
The Frontier Players Association traces its beginnings back to 1979 when founder Mark Howes, Preserve Manager with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, presented a different program at one of his State Nature Preserves. That first year presented 5 historic figures to 63 visitors on a single November Saturday. This living history event grew into well over 150 players for a crowd of 200 to 3000 during the last full weekend of September. After 3 decades, a trail was featured with 5 or 6 scenes and a large pioneer village depicting the life of the early settlers. In 2014 the program was staged entirely at the log cabin next to Lake Loretta.

Sunday begins at 9:00AM with a church service featuring a circuit rider preacher, attended by the families of the village dressed in period clothing. The public is invited to this non-denominational Christian service.

Frontier Spirit 1799
September 23-24, 2017
Alley Park, Lancaster, OH

Admission: Free (Donations accepted)
Hours: 11:00am-4:00pm